The Very First Steps After a Fresh Firefox Install

Just got your new computer, not matter Mac or Windows, as a web developer, you may install Firefox first. so I’ll share with you my “first steps” after a fresh install to get Firefox set up to my liking. This involves some universally useful add-ons (specially for a web developer) and changing settings.

At the time of this writing, I just bought a new laptop (Latitude E6410) and installed Firefox (V3.6.10) definitely.

Add ons

Web Developer

Just like its name, Web Developer is mainly for Web Developer. But I think even for other users, it’s indeed a handy tool. For example, you can easily delete cookies set by current website (not remove other cookies that you may want to keep), and you can view a website’s images information. If you are web developer, then there are a lot of great thing this add-on provides, such as viewing Frame source code/Generated source code, resizing browser window to any size, using ruler to measure the size of page objects, etc.


Another great tool for every web developer for sure. The top feature of Firebug is that you can click on the page element to inspect and edit (both html and css in a real time) and it’s also a very good JavaScript debugger.


Check and copy color code of any spot on your browser. Colorzilla also includes color picker, color palettes and page zoomer.

Google Toolbar

There are tons of browser toolbars, Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc.  Almost everyone makes toolbar. I hate to install toolbar because it makes browse window crowding, but I do install Google Toolbar, because I use Google services a lot, which help me easily access Google service via various buttons.


I have been used XMarks for a few years, I like it very much. It helps me sync bookmarks anywhere on different computers. Unfortunately, recently they announced that XMarks will be shut down on January 10 2011. I am going to try Firefox Sync.

Firefox Settings

Rearrange Toolbars

The great feature I first see in Firefox is that it allows you to add or remove itms by dragging to or from the toolbars by right click on toolbar area and select customize. For example, Google toolbar has search box and Firefox itself has a search box, you can drop one off.

Open search result in a new tab

By default, search box returns search result in the current page, which is annoying sometimes. The quick tweak is press ctrl before you hit enter, but I always forget to do so. Fortunately, there is a persisted way to ‘fix’ this.

  1. Type ‘about:config’ in Address bar
  2. Type ‘search’ in Filter bar
  3. Find a Preference Named ‘’; double click it to set its Value to ‘true’

That’s it! You may also have your “first steps”, and you are welcome to add some here.

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