Reading Note 2 – PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns

Problem of Object Orient in PHP4.

  1. pass an object to a variable, a copy of the object would be created unless you pass it by reference (&)
  2. prevented implementing some additional features on top of the existing object model, such as public/private/protected, unified constructor/destructor name, interfaces, instanceof (instead of is_a() in PHP4), final methods/classes, __clones, class constants, static methods/members, abstract classes/methods, class type hints in function declarations, iterators, __autoload()

New features in PH5

  1. Error handling
  2. foreach with references and pass references into function
  3. all XML extensions have been rewritten to use the superb libxml2 XML toolkit
  4. New MySQLi (MySQL Improved) Extension
  5. SQLite extension
  6. Tidy Extension
  7. Perl Extension
  8. New Memory Manager
  9. drop support for windows 95

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