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Most of people work with multiple computers daily, maybe one at company and one at home. So the browser sync become very important. You find some cool websites and add them into your browser bookmarks during the work, and they will show up on your browser of your home computer by using browser sync.

I has been used XMarks for a few year, and it works very well. Unfortunately, recently they annouced that XMarks will be shut down on January 10, 2011. I think XMarks will be still there, but not free anymore. So I was looking for new services, which can do the free sync for me. And then I found Firefox Sync, which is from Firefox Lab and works for Firefox user. I have not tried Firefox Sync yet, but will do.

Today, I will show your how to sync Google Chrome. I googled “Chrome Sync”, and people are talking about using extension or add “–enable-sync” at the end of the target URL of desktop shortcut, etc. Actually, if you are using current version of Chrome (by the time I am writing this, I am using Chrome V6.0.472.63), Sync function is actually a part of Chrome. What you need is a Google account and following the below 3 easy steps.

1. Click wrench icon and select option

2. Under Personal Stuff, you will see Sync, and then click Setup, enter you Google Account and Sign in.

3. And then in the next window, you can configure sync, by default Google Chrome syncs everything including autofill, preferences, bookmarks, themes, and extensions, but you have choice to choose what to sync. After you hit OK, it may take minutes default on your network speed and your data size. You will be prompt you are all set.

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