GoDaddy Trap

I have bought several domains From GoDaddy. Most of them were bought during the promotion of $1 domain. Every time I go through GoDaddy’s domain registration, I have to be very careful to uncheck any useless bundles. However, I think I fell into the trap last time I registered a domain from them.

Today I got an email said

We just want to let you know we’ve automatically renewed the following items according to our agreement:

Product Name Unit Price Qty Total Price
WebSite Tonight Economy – 5 Page Web Site – Renew… $4.99 1 $4.99
Billing for 11/09/2010. New Account
Bandwidth Renewal (recurring) $0.00 1 $0.00
Bandwidth/DiskSpace for 11/09/2010. New Account

Subtotal: $4.99
Tax: $0.00

TOTAL: $4.99

WebSite Tonight, what the hack! I am going to turn off any auto renew and delete any credit card info left in their system. Folk, if you are buying from GoDaddy, caution! Be careful to uncheck anything you don’t want.

Updated: Just called them and got these services cancelled and they said I will receive the refund.

GoDaddy SSL registration

My client’s website is hosted on inMotion hosting. I tried to order SSL certificate for her. The easier way may be just ordering SSL certificates through inMotion, but it costs $99.95/yr. GoDaddy’s SSL certification is cheaper than most other SSL providers (promotion price is $12.99/yr). So we decided to buy SSL certificate from GoDaddy, then have inMotion installed for a one-time installation fee of $25. However, it is not that simple, by the time I am writing this, we have not got SSL certificate set up yet.

The main problem is admin contact of the domain. When we bought the hosting from inmotion, they provided a free domain name, however, Whoit record of domain was tied to Inmotion. For example, the admin email was Most of time, this maybe fine, but when you ordered SSL, they would send the domain verification to the email listed in the Whois database as administrative contact for the domain. So then we were not able to receive that email.

I requested to change admin email, and inmotion updated the Whois database, and then I requested GoDaddy to resent the verification email. They said they did, but I still have not received the email.

So if you decide to buy SSL certificate separately (not directly form your hosting company), then make sure your Whois database have correct contact information.

Another note is that when you request SSL certificate via GoDaddy dashborad, it asks if you are using Intel® vPro™, after checking with inMotion hosting, they told me to pick no. Still no quite sure what Intel® vPro™ is though.


Finally, I received the verification email from GoDaddy after calling their customer service. And then following the link in the email, I downloaded the SSL certificate and forwarded it to Inmotion Hosting, and finally they got it installed for my client’s domain.
Since the domain was changed to dedicated IP from shared IP, I had to flush dns to access that domain, otherwise, it may need to wait for a few hours to get DNS refreshed.

InMotion was hacked

This morning I found my site was hacked. Not very bad, but most of index.php or index.html files under different directories being mangled by hacker named iSKORPiTX( or TURKISH HACKER whatever, f**k those sobs – hackers. Still don’t know why they do this.) I spent some time to restore those files and site’s back. I was wondering how this happened. And then I found another site and cpanel were being hacked. They are all hosted on InMotion, so I thought there may be something wrong with InMotion.

I contacted  InMotion’s rep. Yes, it’s indeed hosting sever itself.  "It is a problem with the processes on the server – the server architecture itself was attacked."

Having being using InMotion for a year. Sites are running good in term of speed. I did experience one downtime, which took about 4 hours to fix. And this time their server was attacked, but there is not any notice on their support pages to talk about this and not apology when I talked to them. So I am a little disappointed with InMotion now.