Free upgrade iPod touch

If you want to install new applications on your iPod touch these days, you need to upgrade the software to V3 and above. You can still use some applications that you installed before, but newer version of those applications may require V3 and above.

Here are step by step to upgrade your iPod touch software (firmware),

  1. Determine your iPod touch generation. You can check your iPod touch’s generation by looking at the back of the device. Look for the model number, the 1st generation is model A1213, and the 2nd generation is model A1288, and 3rd generation is model A1318. By the time I am wring this article, the 4th generation has been released (on 09/08/2010). I am not sure the model number of 4th. If the text on the back of the device is hard to read due to scratch, then you can also identify the generation by checking the appearance and functions of your iPod touch.
    1. no volume control = 1G (1st Generation, click the link to see image)
    2. has volume control but no voice control = 2G
    3. has volume/voice control, but no front-facing camera = 3G
    4. has front-facing camera, and there is not 5G = 4G :-)
  2. After you determine your iPod touch generation, you can go to this website to download the newest firmware. Note that if your iPod touch is 1G, then you can only upgrade the firmware up to 3.1.3, by the time I am writing this, the newest version is 4.1.
  3. After you download the suitable version of firmware (for example, the iPod 1G, the firmware v3.1.3’s fire name is something like,  iPod1,1_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw), you can upgrade your iPod touch thru iTunes. Don’t tell me you don’t know what iTunes is. :-) Below is step by step,
    1. Connect your iPod touch to computer
    2. The iTunes is usually auto start and detect your iPod touch, if not, start iTunes manually, and select iPod touch from devices list.
    3. Wait until Sync progress finished, which may take a few minutes. In Windows OS, press and hold Shift key and left click Restore. In Mac OS X, press and hold Option key and left click Restore.
    4. Locate iPod Touch ipsw file downloaded.
    5. The update process will start. Do not disconnect iPod Touch until iTunes has completed updating iPod Touch.

Enjoy your up to date iPod touch Firmware, which allow you to install some great applications.